Technical Components Division

«The House of Electronics» and one of the largest distributors of electronic components, consumer electronics and IT in Europe.

Technical Components is the trading Division of Datwyler and the umbrella for the four Business Units Distrelec / Elfa Distrelec, Reichelt, Nedis and Maagtechnic. Together the Division with over 2’000 employees generates an annual turnover of EUR 600 million by selling over 500’000 products to over 1 million customers.

We serve our customers anywhere (in all countries, across all channels, on all levels of the value chain) and anytime (through 24/7 internet) with all electronics products.

In the customer interface we benefit from our speed boat approach where our multiple brands allow us to address multiple customer segments on all levels of the value chain with tailored offerings and value propositions.

In the back-end we make full use of our large size using synergies in sourcing, logistics, HR as well as e-platforms and IT which enables us to achieve an industry leading cost structure.

As a Division we are in control of the whole value chain in consumer electronics and IT peripherals

With Nedis as a wholeseller with its own brands and Reichelt and Distrelec / Elfa Distrelec as retailers we control the whole value chain from the Asian producer all the way to the European end-user.

Our suppliers benefit from quick access to large consumer markets in Europe. Our unparalleled European network make Datwyler attractive as strategic partner to major manufactures in the Far East.

Our state of the art infrastructure supports future growth

A modern IT and ERP landscape, leading e-Plat forms as well as a powerful centralized logistics center in the Netherlands complement our customer proximity enhancing future profitable growth.