Our Multi Brand

Our multi brand approach allows us to target specific customer segments We have the right products and distribution channel for everyone.

Distrelec / Elfa Distrelec: We love electronics

As a high service on-line distributor Distrelec / Elfa Distrelec offers a full product range in consumer electronics, electronic components, IT and automation. Some 500’000 products are available and delivered across Europe within 24 hours. Most orders are placed on our e-Platform. Beyond we also offer individual technical support as well as products in larger quantities or products outside of the standard product range. Main focus are B2B customers but also the B2C segment is growing.

Reichelt: Professional quality at discount prices

Reichelt is a price leader which offers a carefully selected portfolio of consumer electronics, electronic components, IT and automation at leading prices. It serves business customers, private consumers as well as schools and governments. It mainly sells through the internet, is based in Germany and is rapidly expanding into the European market.

Nedis: We give you selling power

Nedis is a wholeseller in the areas of consumer electronics accessories, electronic devices, electronic consumables and smart media accessories which it sells to re-sellers across all of Europe. Nedis has a portfolio of around 20’000 consumer electronics products, most of them Nedis owned brands, wich are produced in Asia to Nedis specifications and quality guidelines.

Maagtechnic: Fast and reliable

Maagtechnic is a competent sourcing and development partner in Switzerland, Germany and France with foremost consulting competency in elastomer and polymer technology as well as in fluid and drive technology.

Teco Asia: our strength in sourcing

Our common sourcing organization in Hong Kong (China), Technical Components Asia, constantly scouts the market and is in on-going contact with our many suppliers and conducts on site quality inspection. It further ensures proper product quality and documentation.